20 Nov

Campuestuhan Highlands in Negros Occidental


Temperature check: 16°C

Altimeter check: 700 meter above sea level.
Ears blocked. Ears clogged. Ears Closing. Ear Pressure. Whatever you call it, I felt it.
Fogging. Yes! Fogging. I was giddy to see fog! Fog! And more fog!
Excited. Enthusiastic. Ecstatic.
Having the opportunity to get away, at least for a very brief time, at the start of the working week and in the middle of a tall things-to-do list, is bliss!
And retreating to a cool, serene place when Bacolod is experiencing summer in November, is even more bliss!
There was a slight confusion as to which route to take going there but with the help of Google Maps, navigation was a breeze. Passing through Eco-Park and the Polo Club, you’ll see signs telling you where to turn.
Some of the signs are not as noticeable especially when you are driving fast and unless you are really looking. However, signs placed in intersections are larger.
On your ascent, you will see scenes like this — fog!
I have arrived!
Welcome to Campuestohan Highland Resort!
Situated in Sitio Campuestohan, Barangay Cabatangan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Campuestohan Highland Resort is owned by Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan, former councilor of Bacolod City and former DOTC Assistant Secretary and Regional Director of LTO-NCR.
Seeing this while driving up, I thought for a moment I was in Tagaytay.
A closer look… from the right side
The lobby of the Log Cabin serves as their temporary restaurant because the restaurant itself is still under construction.
Now, it’s time to tour the log cabin rooms …
This room can easily accommodate 5 persons at P5, 000.00 per night, that means each of you share a P1, 000.00 fee and that already includes a free breakfast. Not bad, eh! A maximum of 10 persons can fit in this room at P300.00 additional fee for each extra person.
Another one of the P5, 000-value room. This one is on the 2nd floor. As you can see, morning light is coming in –nature’s way of waking you up, better than an alarm clock.
This room is pegged at P3, 000.00, good for 3 occupants but can comfortably accommodate 2 more at P300.00 additional fee for each person.
Ending my tour of the Log Cabin, I and the friendly lady receptionist (whose name I forgot to ask, my bad), passed by the back side of the cabin, walking through the balcony, on my way down the stairs saw these Cignal disks which means that though you’re far from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you won’t miss your favorite tv program, Simply Emmy, that is :)
I like how they have organized these disks. And the swing set! I like the swing sets! It brought memories from decades past…
This is the left side of the cabin where I exited to explore the camping ground site, that’s still under construction.
Beyond the bridge is the camping ground site and the Bonita Huts. As I mentioned earlier, this area is still under construction but most of the Bonita Huts are ready for occupancy. Crossing the bridge, I saw a Dipper! But I was not fast enough to capture its dive. From afar, these huts look like concrete Igloos.
But taking a closer look and actually getting in, in one of these huts reminded me of something else.
This reminded me of the hobbits’ houses in The Lord of the Rings series. But fret not, you don’t have to be a hobbit to fit in the room, except for when you are 6 feet tall, you’d have to bend down, I guess. Of course, given my height, I can easily come in and go out of this little hut, like a hobbit… hahaha!
For P2, 500.00 overnight stay, this hut can accommodate a maximum of two people but two more can fit in for an additional P50.00 each.This does not, however, include a free breakfast. That means, you have to bring your own meal. Although they can provide you with some cooking equipment for grilling, they really encourage that you bring your own cooked food.
Also, these huts do not have closets in them and this means that your clothes stay inside your backpack. So, when staying overnight or for a couple of days and if you really need to hang your clothes, I suggest that you lay them flat on your bed and make sure to get them out of the way when snuggling down or risk looking like a crumpled walking mannequin when you go out :)
And the exciting part for those who are young, or the young at heart – a children’s playground.
From the road, driving in, the playground is at your left and will be the first amenity that you will see.
When you see the blast of colors, you know that a few more “tire” steps and you’ll be at the entrance of Campuestohan.
And of course, being a swimmer and a champion athlete (just joking), I cannot let the moment pass without snapping pictures of the pool.
It’s only 4 feet deep, so those who are afraid of the deep, can easily take a dip here.
The pool is an arm length away from the playground.
And did I mention that an Olympic-sized swimming pool behind the Log Cabin is included in the plan?
These gazebos are near the playground and the swimming pool. Nice area to munch on some potato chips or gulp on a drink if you have company.
Going solo or wanting some quiet time, this is a nice area to sip a cup of coffee or read a good book on a cold early morning or on a breezy late afternoon but not when the children are playing nearby or when there are swimmers having a good time.
On your way back to the driveway or to the log cabin, you will pass by this giant slipper. Why not Birkenstock? Why not Havaianas? Why not Ipanema? Why not Crocs? Why not FitFlops? Why not Sanuk? Or Banana Peel? Or Tribu?
Why Islander?
And the answer is… why not?
Whether it’s a family bonding, a  group/team outing, or a solo adventure, for an entrance fee of P150.00 inclusive of unlimited use of playground and swimming pool, you will surely not regret your experience in Campuestohan.
And it’s close to home. Depending on traffic and speed, you’ll get there in 30-40 minutes.
For booking and reservations, call them at 915.2111406 or 435.3929 or email them at campuestohanhighlands@yahoo.com

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  1. mam,

    gud day. I saw your beautiful pix, I’m here in Manila and planning to have my vacation there in Bacolod (my hometown) on the Holy Week, we’re 10 in all, and planning to stay overnight from April 15-16, how much is the price for the room/cabin and what time will be our check in and out.

    pls reply as soon as you read my message.

    Thank you thank you thank you so much.

    • Hi Jeks,
      Please get in touch with them through their numbers at the bottom of the article. You may also find them on facebook.
      Happy vacation 😀

  2. Dear Emmy,

    With regard to rooms, it can accommodate 5 persons only and costs 5 thousand per night. How about other members of the family, will not stay at night and on the other day (whole day) they will stay there how much the rate each person?


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